3 Basics Of Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care doesn't look much and if you are one of those who think that lawn care is just about watering as well as mowing, then I suggest you to change your perception in doing such. While it is true that these tasks include mowing and watering, there are various other things that should be done too similar to fertilization as well as aeration. Both of which are deemed to be basics and most frequently repeated tasks when doing landscape maintenance. Having the knowledge and the expertise in doing such tasks is a must to ensure effective and desirable results, which is something that  professional lawn care companies provide.

In order to make sure that your lawn will grow beautifully and healthily, the following points are just few things you must consider when doing Lawn Maintenance Carmel.

Number 1. Mowing - this is basically cutting turf grass periodically to specified height. It is integral that mowing is done right otherwise, this can be stressful for the grass and result to brown and tattered on top that may risk its health and reduce appeal.

In an effort to reduce this stress that you may cause to your lawn, there are certain practices that you should apply like for instance, scheduling activities in early morning or evening. If possible, avoid to mow your lawn under direct heat of the sun as this wouldn't just rid you of toiling but also, mowing during these times of the day can negatively affect your plants.

Diseases are more likely to be transferred faster from one plant to the other if you mow the grass while it is wet so as much as possible, don't do this. In addition to that, you should cut off grass that is no more than the third of grass plant in an effort to make the roots grow stronger.

Number 2. Lawn watering - your grass as well as plants should be watered properly to flourish. While rainfall can provide the most water needed by your plants, if you are living in drier locations, then doing watering on a weekly basis becomes an obligation.

On the other hand, overwatering the plants may cause the opposite effect to it. You have to Click Here and  determine how much water the sprinkling system is applying to avoid this from happening as this helps you know how long the lawn should be watered.

Number 3. Fertilization - fertilized lawn can produce lush and healthy green grasses which is perfect for whatever activity you are doing. Nitrogen is among the integral ingredient for doing lawn fertilization and various kinds of grasses need it to attain peak growth.
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